What You Need to Know About Cannabis Concentrates

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Concentrates are a popular choice among cannabis consumers who want a more potent and faster-acting experience. They’re also a great option for medical marijuana patients suffering from ailments that require immediate relief. With the right dabbing setup, concentrates can deliver the relief you need in a matter of minutes. But, as with any new product or method of intake, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before consuming concentrates.

Generally speaking, concentrate consistency is determined by the extraction process. Solvent-based techniques like butane and CO2 extracts tend to produce waxy, glassy, or gooey concentrates. Those that are solventless, on the other hand, tend to have saucy or runny consistency and may contain additives like sweeteners or sodium for flavor profile and preservation.

Diving into Dabs: A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Waxy concentrates can be identified by their brittle texture and a glass-like appearance. The most common of these is shatter, which gets its name from the way it shatters when pressed. Shatter is amber or gold in color and can have a THC content of up to 90%.

Crushed, crumble, budder, batter, and sauce are also popular types of cannabis concentrates. These can be consumed as-is or used in conjunction with flower or a vape pen to change the terpene profile of the entire weed experience.

Typically, you can find most of these products at your favorite local dispensary. A budtender can help you decide which type of concentrate best suits your needs and answer any questions that you have.

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