What Is a Stationary Industrial Work Platform?

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stationary industrial work platform

A stationary industrial work platform is an elevated path that is permanently anchored in place to allow workers to operate and maintain equipment or machinery that is above ground level. These platforms can be made from various materials depending on the application and may range in size from small ones that hold only tools to large structures capable of supporting equipment. Some feature a non-skid surface that prevents worker slippage while some have antimicrobial properties to help keep workplace environments free from bacteria and microbes.

Safety and efficiency are improved with an industrial work platform because they can provide a safe way to access hard-to-reach areas of the facility without relying on shakey equipment like ladders or too-short stepstools. These portable units can be configured and adjusted quickly to accommodate changing production needs without adherence to complex codes for new construction.

Beyond Heights: Choosing the Right Stationary Work Platform for Industrial Operations

These steel modular units are available with a variety of handrail configurations. Choose from styles that include a back railing for use as a rear exit or an adjustable height one-step model to bridge over pipes and wires, raise workers to the correct working position, or simply to offer a stable step up to a higher area. A variety of coatings are available, including powder-coating and hot dip galvanizing, to protect these platforms against harsh workplace conditions and environmental hazards. Some of these work platforms are designed to withstand heavy loads and even forklift traffic. Other options have a lockable caster that secures the unit in place to avoid accidental movement.

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