What Are Wet Pour Surfaces?

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Wet Pour Surfaces

Rubber Wet Pour Surfaces is a popular option that is used widely around children’s playgrounds. It is an innovative impact-absorbing surface that has transformed the way children play. It can be colored to create fun designs and is very durable, low maintenance and safety certified (CFH). It is also ideal for outdoor gyms, sports grounds, domestic gardens, pathways and swimming pool surrounds.

The exact mix of the material will vary depending on manufacturer but most wet pour is made from recycled SBR rubber granules that have been bound together. This is a great option as it reduces the amount of rubber going to landfill and helps to save natural resources. The granules are mixed with a soft resin like EPDM, which is then ‘poured’ onto a prepared base such as tarmac, stone or concrete to produce the final surface.

Exploring the Versatility of Wet Pour Rubber: Beyond Playgrounds

Poured-in-place rubber surfaces are very durable, springy and don’t splinter. They are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Unlike wood chips, wet pour rubber doesn’t move as much so it remains safe around playground equipment and doesn’t become thin in high traffic areas.

This type of surfacing is highly porous, meaning it soaks up rain water very well, making it an ideal outdoor surface for the UK. This means you are less likely to get puddles and it is a lot easier to keep your surfaces looking clean as they don’t trap dirt and mud in the same way non-porous surfaces do.

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