The Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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TRT uk

TRT UK is an abbreviation for testosterone replacement therapy. Many men are now researching and experimenting with TRT as a means to improve their overall health as well as the muscle mass they are trying to build. Testosterone plays many roles in the body including acting as an androgen, meaning that it will bind to the receptors on muscle cells to stimulate them to produce more protein. As TRT improves the amount of testosterone in the blood stream it will also lead to an improved overall feeling of well being and energy.


One of the issues that many men have when attempting to increase muscle mass is low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels often times lead to erectile dysfunction, which leads to low libido in men and in some cases to sexual impotency. Many men with low testosterone suffer from fatigue, lack of energy, depression, mood swings, lack of ambition and interest in sex. As testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in males, it has long been thought to be just as healthy as estrogen which can be found in women’s bodies.


Testosterone injections are considered safe and effective for increasing testosterone levels in the body. However, there are side effects to TRT that should be noted before beginning any type of treatment. TRT injections cause elevated blood pressure and heart rate, which is why they are not suggested for men who suffer from cardiovascular problems or hypertension. There is also the potential risk of osteoporosis as TRT causes a decrease in the body’s calcium levels. These risks however are minimal when compared to the dangers of low testosterone levels in the body.

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