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fundamental insurance exam

Whether you are fundamentals of insurance exam to start your career in insurance, or you already work as an agent, the fundamental insurance exam will provide the foundation for a solid understanding of the principles and concepts behind the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry. You will become familiar with the terminology, requirements of insurance licensing, and ethics and professionalism. In addition, you will learn to understand the basics of policy interpretation through comparisons of coverages and exclusions for automobile, homeowners, commercial, and accident and sickness policies.

From Basics to Brilliance: Excelling in the Fundamentals of Insurance Course in BC

The exam is multiple choice and is timed based on the number of questions on the exam. You will know your result immediately after you write the exam. The exam questions are randomly drawn from a pool and you will not have the same set of questions as the person sitting next to you. The exam questions are very difficult and require a thorough understanding of the insurance industry. Many of the questions are terminology (definitional) or number/day related questions that require you to apply your knowledge in a real life situation.

P&C exam preparation includes studying the license exam manual, answering practice questions, and taking a mock exam. Students are also provided with an online course portal which contains a series of short, exam-focused streaming videos that cover the most important concepts to be covered on the insurance exam in segments that average less than five minutes each.

Unless you live in a state that has split the insurance exam into two parts, you will only need to pass the national section of the fundamental insurance exam to get your license. Some states require a separate license for life and health insurance, which can be obtained by completing additional education, applying to take the exam, and meeting state licensing requirements.

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