The Classic Land Rover Defender 110 For Sale

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classic land rover defender 110 for sale

The classic land rover defender 110 for sale  has a lot to offer and is now riding a wave of popularity. It is the last vehicle from Land Rover and is a fantastic buy for any collector.

The Land Rover Defender is a genuinely remarkable 4×4 that does everything perfectly. It’s the perfect off-roader, but it’s also a great family vehicle that handles well on motorways too. It’s ideal for transporting kids, dogs and other livestock. It’s great for the school run, shopping, camping and general domestic use too.

A few thorny issues exist with the Defender but most of them can be solved if you know what you’re doing. One thing to look out for is driveline slop, particularly on the Puma models where it can vary widely between units. Another issue is galvanic corrosion, where metals on the exterior panel of the car react with the metal on the interior frame and bubble up under the paint.

You should also look out for rust and signs of dents in the bodywork and suspension. Check all the rubber seals, bushings and glass to make sure that they aren’t compromised.

Iconic Off-Roader: Where to Find Classic Land Rover Defender 110s for Sale

Similarly, you should also look out for any signs of leaking oil, as it could indicate a leak. A good oil change and servicing every 60,000 miles will ensure that the Defender keeps running efficiently.

If you’re looking to turn a classic Land Rover Defender into a real workhorse for the outdoors, then this classic two-door 90 is the one for you. It’s been restored to near-original condition by UK-based Arkonik. It’s a great example of what these expert restorers can do with the iconic off-roader.

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