Tangiers Tobacco Review – Noir, Birquq, and F-Line

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Tangiers is a brand of premium hookah tobacco that is made right here in the United States. They have over 100 different unique shisha flavors that can be enjoyed in either traditional or contemporary hookah setups. This tobacco is hand crafted using quality dark leaf tobacco and black molasses and uses natural flavorings to generate its tastes. The result is a smooth and enjoyable smoke that is easy on the throat and lungs.

Is hookah cold or hot?

The tobacco is fine cut and beautifully densely packed, making it a great choice for hookah enthusiasts. The smoke is thick and full of flavor. It’s also much more affordable than other hookah tobacco brands and can be used by both seasoned and beginning smokers. URL : https://vape.hk/why-tangiers-birquq-is-a-must-try-for-hookah-lovers/

With four distinct lines of Tangiers, Noir, Birquq, and F-Line a caffeinated version of the noir line, you’ll find that there is a flavor to satisfy any craving. If you’re new to the tobacco world, we recommend starting with the Noir and Birquq lines which are finer cut and require a bit of acclimation time.

Of the many popular Tangiers flavors, Horchata is one of the fastest selling ones. This flavor is a mix of rice, almonds, cinnamon, and vanilla that is incredibly rich and creamy. If you smoke it at low heat, it’s like smoking a double cream iced rice pudding. At higher heat, the flavor becomes more chocolatey and cocoa magic based. Another favorite is 2005 Blueberry which is a mix of berries and creams that are incredibly smooth.

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