Silk Camisole Tips


silk camisole

Silk camisoles, as with all silk materials, need to be ironed after they have been washed. This is to help remove any excess starch that may have remained on the material after it has been washed. Many silk materials do not go well with cold ironing, so it may be best to hand-towel-dry the silk camisole before using the iron on it. If this is not possible for you, a good idea is to place the camisole in the microwave on the low setting for about ten seconds to soften the material and allow it to be better treated by the heat. Once you have ironed your silk camisole it should always be dry-cleaned only in the direction of the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to choose Silk Camisole

A: There is no real rule about how long to dry-clean silk camisoles. Generally speaking, silk camisole tops should be dry-cleaned about once a month if at all possible, but no less than three times per month. If possible, try to get your silk camisole tops completely dry-cleaned as much as possible. If that is not possible, try to hang the camisole tops out in the sun as much as possible to dry-clean them thoroughly. The use of a hairdryer on the camisole tops, or any high temperature washer, should be avoided to prevent damage to the silk material.

B: For extra care of your silk camisoles, it is suggested that you avoid the use of any sort of chemical detergents. This includes any type of bleach that may be used on your silk camisoles. Also, it is wise to avoid using any type of hair dryer on your silk camisole tops because this can cause damage to the material. If you feel that your silk camisole tops need more attention to detail, make an appointment with a seamstress to get your silk camisole tops professionally dry-cleaned and styled.

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