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Athletic Fit Menswear

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a casual guy who cares about his fitness, you probably share a common experience when it comes to trying to find men’s clothes that fit well. Big brands churn out dress shirts that may fit your muscular upper body but fail to taper in at the waist, creating an unflattering baggy appearance that you’re forced to avoid unless you want to get tailor-made suits or expensive made-to-order shirts. Go here

Enter the Athletic Fit. This new fit is designed to be the happy medium between the slim fit and the muscle fit. It’s a great option for guys who lift or have a wide v-taper physique and who find the fit of a slim or classic dress shirt to be too snug. Also, those who are too large for slim fits might benefit from this unique fit as well.

Unleashing Confidence: The Power of Athletic Fit Suits

You can find men’s Athletic Fit jeans in every color denim wash imaginable, from light wash ripped jeans with strategic fading and distressing to dark washes featuring distressed mending and patches. You can even opt for destroyed denim that’s splattered with paint, hand-made holes and other alterations to add character and a little edge to your look. Pair these jeans with a crisp button-up or flannel and a pair of casual sneakers to keep your looks stylish while you’re on the go. This style of jeans also pairs well with a sport coat or jacket, adding a touch of athleticism to any outfit.

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