Irish Branded Gold Goes on Sale For First Time

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Gold bars are an investment which maintain their value in times of economic uncertainty. They are available in a number of sizes, including 1 ounce bars, and can be stored securely at professional vaults. They are often more expensive than coins, but they offer a greater level of security. In addition, gold has a history of being used as a currency in periods of crisis, making it an excellent choice for those looking to diversify their portfolios. Find out

A central bank may hold gold in its vaults as a form of insurance against the risks of a financial meltdown or inflation. However, most people prefer to buy gold coins because they are easier to store and can be easily sold to a bullion dealer. In the case of Irish branded gold, this has gone on sale for the first time thanks to an agreement between one of Ireland’s oldest institutions and a Dublin-based bullion dealership. The bullion is sourced from the Dublin Assay Office, overseen by The Company of Goldsmiths of Dublin. The Assay Office was established 384 years ago and assays and hallmarks articles of precious metals sold in Ireland.

Understanding Gold Bar Sizes and Weights: Choosing the Right Option in Ireland

Given the fact that the Central Bank of Ireland’s gold holdings were described as deposits with foreign banks in 2009 and then as “gold bars held at the Bank of England” in 2010, my FOI request asked for details of these gold bar holdings. This could be a list of the individual gold bars, with their name, brand, serial number (serial number from the refiner), date of manufacture and gross weight, on an earmarked set-aside basis. This refusal, along with the non-cooperation and deliberate sabotage of an earlier FOI Request by senior central bank staff and the presence of a Bank of England security officer on a conference call about my request, shows that the Central Bank of Ireland is unwilling to be transparent about its gold holdings.

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