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Cheap cigarettes near me and other tobacco products are available at Sam’s Club in a variety of flavors including menthol. You can also find cigars, smokeless tobacco, pipes and smoking accessories such as lighters. The store also carries other types of health and beauty products, including vitamins, supplements and cosmetics. You must be at least 21 years old to buy cigarettes in Sam’s Club. During your checkout process, you will be asked for proof of age.

While the vast majority of state laws on cigarette delivery sale do not include provisions related to the sale of flavored cigarettes, many states have enacted policies that restrict delivery sales by either specifying tobacco content language on shipping documents or requiring that the seller be located inside or outside of the state (see coding scheme in Appendix).

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In general, states with high cigarette excise taxes tend to have laws regulating Internet and delivery cigarette sales. These laws are primarily aimed at minimizing tax evasion, and are targeted primarily at Internet cigarette vendors and e-mail order/Internet fax companies that sell cigarettes to smokers in non-face-to-face transactions. In addition, several states have enacted laws that target youth access to cigarettes by prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to persons under 21. Despite these laws, Internet and other cigarette delivery sales continue to grow.

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