Using THSS on a Scorers Table

The Scorers Table is the table along the sideline where official scorers and statistians sit to keep track of games in basketball, volleyball or wrestling. These scorers tables are available in a number of different styles and colors to match your gymnasium decor or school colors. In addition, some models are also available with LED screens that can be used to showcase sponsors during the game.

The number of scaling statements on a scorer’s table varies depending on how precise scorers want to be able to estimate the factor’s values. Three scales is typically enough to give scorers good estimates, while five might be needed for more precision.

Beyond the Baskets: The Vital Role of Scorers Table in Basketball Games

Using THSS, scorers can enter scores for responses and mark them as complete or reassign them to other scorers. To do this, they need to open the Response List page. This page lists all the responses that have been assigned to them for scoring. The Response List page is accessible to the scorers and score managers, and it can be filtered by test, session, grade, subject, or item.

This 7.5′ long outdoor scorers table with bench has a tough powder coated finish to withstand years of use in an institutional setting, indoors or out. The seat plank is 5.5′ wide and comfortably seats 4-5 scorers. This scorers table folds for easy storage.