The Mycotoxins Found in the CBD Hemp Flower

Fern Valley Farms is dedicated to offering you top quality cannabis products from the best organic growing facilities around. You are guaranteed to receive the highest quality genetics for your plant selections and you will receive a variety of different flower varieties as well. If you are looking for a particular cultivar or even a specific flower or type of weed, they are more than willing to assist you in finding it. Their goal is to only offer you the healthiest and highest quality plants that they are able to care for and grow in an organic environment.

The Ultimate Secret Of The Mycotoxins Found In The Cbd Hemp Flower

They are committed to using only chemical free growing methods and organic fertilizer to ensure that your crops are delivered to you fresh and to your exact specifications each and every time. Fern Valley Farms has over 22 years of experience in growing, processing, marketing, and selling high-quality, organic, and pesticide free cannabis. All of their farms are located within fifteen miles of Corning, NY and produce everything from alfalfa to broccoli. All of the farms have strict guidelines for plant care and production that are in place to ensure that your food is pesticide free. Many of the farms have strict guidelines for producing certain types of flowers, vegetables, and herbs to ensure that they do not produce any mycotoxins which could pose health risks to consumers. They are fully certified with the North American Industry Council for Organic Certification (NAICO) and also the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Since they began in 1990, the company has shipped tens of thousands of pounds of high-quality, organic, pesticide free, and gluten free florists cannabis to retailers all over the world. The primary focus of their business was to develop an excellent crop that does not produce heavy metals. After several years, they noticed that the heavy metals detected in their samples were not present in any of their product. The mycotoxins were found in two different areas within the Fern Valley Farms, namely, the northern and the southern half of the land.