Japanese Knotweed Removal From Soil

Yes, herbicides will surely kill Japanese Knotweed, but be very careful, because these are highly non-selective herbivores and as such, can kill whatever crops they come in contact with, even if that s your prized geraniums or Japanese Knotweed. This is why, for this particular knotweed issue, most gardeners do not prefer using chemical herbicides, which can be hazardous to our health and environment. Japanese knotweed removal does not have to involve dangerous chemicals and pesticides. All you need to do is to follow certain guidelines, which can be quite easy to do. For instance, there are certain plants that contain natural enzymes that, when applied to the surface, can dissolve Japanese knotweed roots. Applying these enzymes is the first step to Japanese knotweed removal and can be done by hand, or even with a hand-held rototiller.

How to do Japanese Knotweed Removal From Soil

Weeds can be an incredible nuisance to anyone, especially in gardens where we want to have things that are natural and not synthetic. There are certain herbs that are commonly used for various purposes, including medicinal and culinary ones. While some of these herbs are edible, like basil and oregano, others do not, like wintergreen and basil oil. Japanese Knotweed is a weed that fall under the latter category and is often seen growing in garden compost piles, along pathways and on roof tops.

However, there is another method that is widely used because it’s the cheapest, safest and fastest way to Japanese knotweed removal, and that is by using a rototiller. Of course, you have to dig, but there’s really nothing much more difficult than using a rototiller to dig out plants and cleanse the soil fast, especially when it’s in a well-drained area. Plus, the Japanese knotweed removal from such soil can also be insured by the insurance company, so you can just relax while your contractor spends hours excavating the area and clearing away the weeds. Japanese knotweed removal can be done with very little effort and can be insured, so if you’re a bit of a lazy person, don’t worry! Japanese knotweed removal from such soil can be insured so that you will get paid if the Japanese knotweed emerges from the soil around your trees.