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Along the way they solve mini-games, get into duels and even have a bit of fashion advice thrown their way. It’s all fun and enjoyable and I do recommend that you pick this one up if you enjoy the Harry Potter series!


Summary – The entire book is about Carny and how he runs his kingdom and deals with those who live in it. There are several mini-games throughout the book that are incredibly funny and entertaining. In one game Carny outsmarts his Unclerax and his evil brother Scrooge by turning them into bears, they then have to find a cure for a plague. In the end they learn that not only do they have to cure the plague but also foil an impending rebellion against their rule.


This is a fun book and if you enjoy fantasy books where the main character takes over the kingdom and does whatever he wants then this will be right up your alley. The writing style is very entertaining and flows well with the story. The characters are well defined and are not stereotypical, there are some nice twists at mid-way through the book that surprise you and make you laugh. I also really liked the back story on Scrooge and his relationship with the current owner of the Dumpster, it gives a nice little history lesson. Overall a good read, perfect for those who love to role play and enjoy a good book!

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