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Call tracking is a growing business with many options and features available. Track calls made from online marketing campaigns by installing a mobile tracking number on your website, or by inserting dynamic, touch-tone, audio-only call tracking providers number into your site. Place a single unique tracking number inside ad extensions or directory listings to pinpoint exact phone calls from certain campaigns. Create unique tracking numbers for each individual contact within your organization, such as call center representatives.

Online Call Tracking For Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Callers to your website can be identified by using a quality caller id feature, which is also called traceability, so you can learn who’s calling and track their keywords in your marketing efforts. Some tracking providers offer tracking of text-based calls as well. Others provide additional reporting, such as real-time statistics and graphs of campaign performance. Some marketers even provide stats and reviews of the advertising programs they’ve used to build their businesses around key areas, such as call tracking.

Marketing professionals should use online tracking calls to understand their campaigns more thoroughly and identify areas for improvement. It’s important to know what conversion rates are, and to track that against what they believe will be a high demand and a high return on investment. Online call tracking offers a comprehensive view of call activity and allows marketers to see which campaigns bring in the most calls and which bring in the least. Some tracking services even provide personalized advice and recommendations to optimize future campaigns, as well as a host of other tools to help your business grow. If you’re trying to increase your online conversion rate, call tracking should be an integral part of your overall marketing plan.

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