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The eco resorts in Bali use the local bamboo and wood to build open-air bungalows that are equipped with kitchenettes and private gardens. The bungalows come with tea and coffeemakers, mosquito nets, and Wi-Fi. All of the facilities are eco-friendly, with organic meals and organic beverages. The property also uses hydroelectricity from the local river for electricity. This way, the guests don’t have to worry about the carbon footprint of their travels. Useful website –

Bali Eco Resorts: The Samurai Way

Most of the eco resorts in Bali are in the countryside. These places are perfect for a relaxing vacation, with a view of the volcano and the sea. You will have front-row seats to sunrises and sunsets. In addition to luxurious villas, the resort also works to regenerate its surroundings. They have started reforestation in the mountains and a reef restoration project in the bay. For guests’ comfort, they have a private pool and an in-villa bar.

The Swasti Eco Village is another of the eco resorts in Bali. There are cottages made from recycled wood, and the on-site worm factory helps to fuel the organic garden. If you want to experience the real Bali, check out the Swasti Eco Village. Unlike other eco resorts, it features a farm, reforestation and goats on the grounds. It also contributes to the local community by providing free scooters and bicycles.

Bali Eco Stay

Kanciana Village, Kemetug, Gunung Salak, East Selemadeg, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82162, Indonesia

Phone: +6282247357768

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