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avocado onesie baby

The Estella – avocado baby onesie is a green-colored, creamy fruit that’s rich in good fats and protein. It also has a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.

Introduce avocados to your baby as soon as he starts eating solid foods, usually around 6 months. They’re a soft, easy-to-digest food that helps little ones develop a positive attitude toward eating.

If you’re serving avocado to your baby, make sure it’s ripe and pitted (with all peel removed) because underripe avocado is a potential choking hazard for infants. And be sure you offer your little one a portion that’s small enough that she can easily feed herself, and keep her away from high-risk areas like the kitchen counter, dining table, car seat or baby monitor.

Avocado Onesie Baby: A Fun and Adorable Way to Dress Your Little One

Mashed avocado with a little breast milk or formula can be a fun, nutritious way to start your baby on a fruit-and-veggie diet. You can play with the ratio of ingredients to make the avocado-fruit puree taste as delicious as possible.

Try spreading mashed avocado on whole grain toast or toast strips and experimenting with toppings, such as a sprinkle of hemp seeds, finely grated carrot or thinly sliced tomato. You can also serve avocado in tot-friendly tacos by putting it on a whole-grain tortilla and filling it with beans, cheese and other fillings.

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