Authoritarian Parenting Vs Authoritarian Parenting

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authoritative parenting vs authoritarian parenting

Whether you are an authoritative parenting vs authoritarian parenting or an authoritarian parent, your parenting style is highly influential in how well your children do at school and in life. In fact, parenting styles are directly correlated with children’s self-esteem, social skills, emotional resilience, and academic performance.

In general, authoritative parents tend to have high expectations and provide a lot of guidance and support to help kids meet those expectations. This style also values structure and routines, and may include a set bedtime or homework routine. Authoritarian parents, on the other hand, are more strict and demanding with their children. They often have little to no room for discussion or negotiation. Authoritarian parents may use physical punishment to discipline their children, as they view the need for control as a moral imperative.

Understanding Authoritative Parenting: A Guide to Positive Discipline

Both authoritative and authoritarian parenting can be harmful for children, as they lead to negative outcomes in both the short and long term. For example, children raised by authoritarian parents have a hard time making decisions on their own and often experience low self-esteem. They may also struggle with emotional regulation and have a hard time forming healthy relationships.

Authoritative parenting, on the other hand, can be positive for children as it leads to higher achievement and better behavioral outcomes. To be an authoritative parent, you should be able to provide guidance and support while still setting clear limits. You should also be able to communicate expectations in a respectful way and explain the reasoning behind them. And when your child fails to meet your expectations, you should offer natural and logical consequences.

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