ADI Leak Detection Can Help You Find Hidden Water Leaks

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ADI Leak Detection

Leaks can have a huge impact on the running of businesses, causing damage to day-to-day operations and staff. They can also cause significant financial loss.

ADI Leak Detection can locate these hidden water leaks using non-invasive technology. Their equipment is amongst the most advanced in the world, including thermal imaging cameras and acoustic leak detectors.

If you have a leak in your property, contact ADI Leak Detection for a free quote. Their expertise will help you get rid of the problem as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Commercial and industrial leak detection can be a challenging process for many companies. The scale of the damage caused can be significantly higher than a domestic leak, and the associated water consumption costs are also often far more expensive to cover.

How to Choose the Right ADI Leak Detection Company for Your Needs

Pipeline leak detection is used to identify leaks in pipelines containing liquids and gases that are transported through a pipe network. Methods include hydrostatic testing, infrared and laser technology after a pipeline is erected and during service, and are used to help reduce downtime and enhance reliability.

Thermographic leak detection systems use high quality thermographic technology to monitor pipelines for changes in the emissivity of the pipe wall, resulting in temperature variations that are detected and interpreted by the system. These measurements are then compared to a database of leak signatures to confirm a valid leak is present.

The Extended Real-Time Transient Model (E-RTTM) method uses signal flow and RTTM technology with statistical methods to distinguish transient from steady-state conditions for leak detection. This is important for avoiding false alarms during the time of an ongoing leak.

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